Monday, March 16, 2015

New Blog Header by Eric Quigley!

Short and sweet - if you want excellent art done at reasonable prices with a quick turn around, +Eric Quigley is your man.

Holy shit!

Does the Happy Dance...


  1. OK, that is impressive. I wonder what someone would make of Gaming Ballistic's header.

  2. I didn't think it was possible, but Quigley actually EXCEEDED expectations. Happy Dance, indeed. With Flaming Voodoo Girls and Cacklin' Skulls.

    (Expletive) Awesome.


  3. Looks fantastic. Just missing the tagline "Where pants are not required."

    1. Now I'm looking for a Tavern theme song to the tune of the Cheers theme.

      "Where everybody can wear chain,
      But the beards are all the same
      You wanna be where you can see
      Delvers all smell the same
      You wanna go, where everyone can wear chain."

      Hrmph. Needs work.

  4. NIce inn, stables round the back?

  5. Very nice. Now I want to hit my local for a pint. :D

  6. Freaking awesome and just in time for St. Paddy's!

  7. For some reason my public recommendation on Google Plus is showing Joseph Bloch's "Friendship is Universal" avatar.

    I can imagine a lot of folks sharing this on G+ thinking that the Tavern's going for a retro-future feel. :)

  8. But seriously, it's a very beautiful look to it.

  9. i just ordered a stein online with the graphic - if it comes out well, I'll put it for sale


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