Monday, March 16, 2015

Next Artist Expected to Make an Appearance at The Tavern - Craig Brasco

+Craig Brasco probably thought I was joking when I told him on Saturday night that I wanted him to do the next banner for The Tavern.

This is notice Craig, that I wasn't joking ;)

Ideally The Tavern will have 3 to 5 banners in rotation, highlighting some of my favorite artists in the OSR.

I guess I should tell +Jim Magnusson he should start thinking now...


  1. Nice nod to the B1 In Search of the Unknown cover art.

  2. THAT picture is what I think of as old school D&D. Fantastic. THAT.

  3. Yes, I liked that illustration so much that I purchased it from Craig so as to use in How to Game Master like a Fucking Boss.


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