Sunday, March 15, 2015

Far Away Land Tome of Awesome Premium Color HC in Hand (and thoughts on a NTRPG Con Giveaway)

Yesterday I received my premium color hard cover version of the Far Away Land Tome of Awesome, and it is awesome! The color pops and the pages look great. I can't thank Dirk ( +Far Away Land RPG ) enough for sending it.

It does leave me with a bit of a situation, as I now have 2 hardcovers of the Tome of Awesome - on standard and one premium - and as my lovely wife is frequently reminding me, space for my game related stuff is at a premium.

+Michael Badolato , AKA Bad Mike of NTRPG Con fame asked me if I was going to run a session of FAL at this June's NTRPG Con. I was toying with the idea, but I am now happy to say - yes I will be running a session of FAL this June. I still need to think whether I'm going to put it on the list of games or just run it off label in the Atrium, but I will be running a session.

Don't look for me to be bringing the premium copy of FAL ToA, as I'll be bringing and giving away my standard copy after the session to one of the participants randomly. Hey, another reason for you to attend ;)


  1. Your cat looks like it wants to shred the book. To death. :D

  2. Book looks great even though game is not my cup of tea. And that looks like my cat right down to the expression on her face.

  3. Nice! If you get it on the schedule, will this be the first official con-run FAL ever? If you decide to put it on the schedule, we still have plenty of room for games, so just email me with the details before the end of the month. I bet this would fill up quickly, due to exposure from your blog if nothing else.

  4. Question for you Tenkar. I am not familiar with the print quality of books fro DriveThruRPG.

    What would you say is the difference between the Premium and Standard hardcovers, in your opinion?

    1. Premium paper is whiter and thicker - the color is more vibrant


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