Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Purple Sorcerer Games releases Sorcerer’s Grimoire online app for Testing (DCC RPG)

+Jon Marr has done it again!

Every DCC RPG player knows about The Crawler's Companion. So long as you have a smart phone, tablet or computer near by, you can roll just about anything and any table in the DCC RPG.

0-Level Character generator? Purple Sorcerer has you covered.

Now, Jon allows you to print out the spell tables for your character, one sheet per page with the Sorcerer's Grimoire. My God, the amount of page flipping done away with is going to save lives ;)

As always, its free.

Well done Jon. Well done.


  1. I will be using this while introducing people to this game in just a few weeks! Amazing.

  2. Jon Marr deserves some kind of medal.

  3. No. +Jon Marr deserves some kind of METAL. Very nice.

  4. I've got to say that the Crawler's Companion is a very fun and useful utility. More tabletop games need these kinds of apps, especially as smartphones/iPads/etc get more ubiquitous.


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