Saturday, February 28, 2015

Review - Another Bunch of Content Issue #3 (OSR Supplement)

I never got around to reviewing Issues 1 and 2 of Another Bunch of Content, which is totally my fault. Well, that and work, as I've been trying to find time for reviews and they are often the more time consuming of posts.

Let me start with the simple statement - You Want This

Nothing subliminal, no beating around the bush, just a simple statement. Each issue has 26 pieces of content for your game. What kind of content are we talking about? Magic items, locations, personalities, history, spells, monsters.

It is literally inspiration for the DM that is looking for that one piece to the puzzle, but in this case they get 26 extremely varied pieces.

For a product like this, I think it's important to see some of the actual content instead of me trying to describe it, so I've included 2 fine pages as examples.

Here's The Badger's own words:
The third issue of the monthly system neutral series Another Bunch of Content has been released! Each month, InfiniBadger Press brings you 26 new pieces of open content for you to use in your games, one for each letter of the alphabet. Monsters, items, locations, people, encounters, dungeons, and a slew of anything else that that we think that you might be interested in will all be put together into these jam-packed system-neutral newsletters for your gaming utility and pleasure.
Yep, it's system neutral, uses both ascending  and descending AC where applicable and being open content other publishers can use what they like when fleshing out their own products.

It's $1.25 per issue or a subscription of 6 issues for $6. If you buy a sub now, you get the first 3 issues immediately.

Here's the ToC for issue #3:

Anarchy Bands (Item)
Bolgar's Fist (Location)
Challak Raiders (People)
Dragon Ticks (Monster)
Entirodon (Monster)
Faith's Hammer (Item)
Golem Speaking (Spell)
Hathamander, Lord of Strife (Personality)
Iambic Curse (Spell)
Jackleg (Setting)
Kaolisk (Monster)
Lesser Signature (Spell)
Mashka, Gateway to the Golden Realm (Location)
Neolithic Ward (Spell)
Octarchy of Gris (Setting)
Pannikins of Eltash (Item)
Questers (Setting)
Ravagers (Monster)
Spoileaters (Monster)
Tabinidic Demon (Monster)
Unatone (Spell)
Verbatim (Spell)
Warbler (Monster)
Xylonthi (People)
Yellow Iron Weapons (Item)
Zoo of Tyloem (Location)

One of my favorites is the Spoileaters, cannibals that eat the dead of recent battles. Lots of uses for these in dungeons ;)


  1. At that price it's a great deal even if you only end up using one thing in your game. Neat.

    1. Thanks for the kind words.

      Remember that the firs issue is FREE, so it gives you a good taste of what ABC is all about.

  2. I'm going to be expanding Bolgar's Fist into an actual full adventure product in the near future. Of course, that doesn't stop anyone else doing anything with it, because like everything else in ABC it's open content.


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