Thursday, February 26, 2015

Wayward Kickstarter - Storyteller's Dictionary - Pictures Speak a Thousand Misspelled Words

Maybe the Trolls should have used a dictionary?

It's no secret that Troll Lord Games / Chenault & Gray have their own place in the "bad editing" history of gaming in general, but don't you think when you are asking for thousands of dollars you'd put your best foot forward?

I mean, they could have used any teenager for this one, as there is no way that typo would have escaped the average teen's eyes ;)

It is now fixed BTW. There is another issue with their pledge levels, but that's par for the course.

Storyteller's Dictionary - by those that can't spell ;)

Tip of the hat to The Badger :)


  1. Took me a few times to finally see the Unlcocked...

  2. At least they aren't trying to sell an editor's dictionary.

  3. I admit the last two Kickstarters they had I passed on because of typos.

    1. I can handle a few gaffes, it's just part of any written work, but the sheer volume in their stuff makes it unpleasant to read. But I did the same as you; until/unless they get their proofing process fixed I won't buy another Trolls' product.

  4. Jeesh, guys, the Trolls had editing troubles years ago and have done a lot to correct the problems since. They use a professional editor now, and frequently provide a beta pdf to fans who help them catch any errors the editor might have missed. At this point they don't seem to have any more typos than any other publisher does and refusing to buy their product based on your perception that they still have typo issues, just means you are losing out on some pretty good RPG product.

    Kickstarter just picked The Storyteller's Dictionary as their featured Project in Publishing. At least someone respects their efforts. https://www.kickstarter.com/discover/categories/publishing?ref=category_modal

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  5. I'm new to buying books from the Trolls. I've read through the latest Player's Handbook and it only has a few errors that jump out. I do proofreading as a secondary job and printed errors are a pet peeve. They crank out a lot of products and perhaps they should give the proofreader a second pass before finalizing or maybe hire a new one. But overall, their latest products are acceptable.

    Plus this Dictionary is by Jim Ward.


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