Saturday, February 21, 2015

Monster Art Far Away Land-ified!

I posted the other day that I was going to be creating creatures for S&W, T&T and Far Away Land due to my patrons on Pateron hitting a milestone. I dug into my stock art collection for inspiration, and you can look at the original post to see the four pieces of art I decided to use here as well as the fire elemental here.

Color me surprised when I received an email last night from +Reid San Filippo with the following pieces of art based off of +Eric Quigley 's original designs.

Eric's classic fantasy art has been Far Away Land-ified!

Did I mention how awesome The Tavern's community is?


  1. Who is the actual Far Away Land artist?

  2. One thong i really like about far away land is the consistant art.

  3. FALs writer is also the artist" he goes by the name Dirk Stanley.

    1. Cool! Thanks. The near perfect way the art complemented the game was of the things that sold it for me.

  4. I agree. FAL has great singular vision. I just want to throw more money at him at the moment :)


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