Friday, February 20, 2015

I've Tweaked The Tavern - Looking For Feedback on Loading Speed

Tweaking the slow moving cube ;)
Art by Malcolm McClinton

It was pointed out to be earlier today that The Tavern was having some real issues loading on some folks computers so I did some tweaking and pruning.

Gone are some graphics and links to feed readers - I figure if you use a feed reader, you know how to add a feed.

Also gone are about 30 blogs from the blog roll. It was time to trim the dead and dying - anything that had gone over 2 months was fair game, although a handful found a stay of execution due to nostalgia. More importantly, I killed the icons and thumbnails from the blog roll, as it appears even though I was showing only the last 25 blogs that updated, all of the blogs in the blog roll were having their icons and thumbnails loaded.

Hopefully these tweaks have some noticeable load time improvements for those that were chugging along ;)

If you see an improvement in load time, please comment below. If it's worse, definitely comment below!

Thanks for your time


  1. Loading time seems faster, and the scroll bar seems much more responsive, if that makes sense. I usually get bored while page is loading, and try to scroll down to Good Reads; I haven't gotten bored today, and I've been able to scroll down at whim. NICE!

  2. Loading time's pretty quick for me.

  3. For me, with a relatively slow link at home, every png that isn't converted to a jpg is a big cost.

    For example the cube above is 3.3MB. pngcrush can bring it down to 3.1MB which hardly matters, but converting it to a 90% quality jpg which looks pretty much the same is 600KB. Though a 70% jpg at 300KB looks fine to me as well.

  4. Loading is definitely improved. I can now actually use the site as intended. Before, I could only view one post at a time because the load of the home page would bog down my, admittedly old, PC. Now I can scroll through a week's worth of articles with no problems. Thanks for fixing this.

  5. Big improvement!

    As much as I love the content, the loading was always a hassle.

    1. well, you can thank Matt Finch for pointing the problem out.

      make sure y'all keep me in the look for any major loading issues

  6. one final tweak for now - i was displaying the last 5 days of posts on the main page - now it's the last 7 posts i believe. that should help things too.

  7. Thank you -- the page loads almost instantly for me now
    Before it was at least 10 seconds before I could do anything, and even then it stuttered when I scrolled.

  8. Erik: Yes, even in the deep woods here, it appears to be a "smidgen" faster...and as some mentioned on the slow "scrolling", that has improved....onward!


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