Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Patreon - Thoughts on The Tavern and Where We Can Take It

So, as I sit here at my desk, avoiding solid food as my stomach is gurgling and my heartburn is burning (my wife Rachel is running a fever after doing her exorcist impression last night), I've given more thought to providing The Tavern's community the opportunity to support it via Patreon. I don't really see a downside (except for the fact that above exorcist impressionist wants to give away a chunk of my gaming collection.)

There is no way I could ask for folks to support The Tavern on a per post basis - it would be insane for everyone. Simply put, I post too much for that to work.

Looking at the posting numbers for 2014 we were at 920 posts in 12 months. That comes out to nearly 77 posts a month. For ease of math we'll say 75.

Maybe we'll set the ground level of support at $1.50 a month - 2 cents a post. Another level for other bloggers that want to be on a "Backer Blog List" and get highlighted with a blog post. Perhaps a level for a backer only G+ hangout to discuss possible blog topics (which all backers would then get to vote on.) Hmm, maybe a backer only email addy to reach me at, as my others get inundated with so much that isnt gaming related. Oh, and a level where Rach gives away some of my shit. She'll need to do the post office trip herself, but she really is excited by the whole idea.

I like the idea of kicking it forward. So one of the milestones would be Kicking Forward 5% to other Patreon projects (and later milestones would raise that - 7.5% and later 10%.) All the backers would get to vote on which projects to back.

I'd love to bring back Feltothraxis for more Dragon Puppet Game Reviews. They're fun to do but time consuming. So, another milestone.

Weekly gaming content posts - monsters, magic items, spells, classes - Old School D&D, Tunnels & Trolls and Far Away Land would be safe bets for systems. Those would be the low hanging fruits on the milesone tree.

Organizing an OSR Online Con via Roll20 would be up there and further away would be a online seasonal gameday.

Needless to say, monies raised would go towards prizes, giving a face lift to The Tavern and giving me a small flow of outside income when I retire from full-time employment next year. The more viable the blog is, the more time I can spend on both The Tavern and The Tavern's Community.

More time to do what I love to do in the first place. Should be a win-win.

I'm open to ideas and thoughts on the whole thingamawhop.

edit - should there be a milestone to back "Wayward Kickstarters?"

edit edit - The Tavern will always be a free to read blog. Patreon is a tip jar that (hopefully) will allow The Tavern to be an even better experience for all.


  1. As long as I can still read for free.

    1. it will always be free

      hopefully better than it is now, as additional funds will allow more to be done, in which case all benefit

      there is not / will not be a pay wall for the blog content. the perks for backing will not take away any of the free content (hopefully we get to add more free content)

  2. I think a monthly backer level is a great start, just a little here and there.

    1. Agreed. I like that the initial backer level is low enough that you don't have to be rich to afford it.

  3. Sounds good to me. Patreon would work here, esp since you have such a good established posting pattern and a good reputation for giving back to the committee.
    I am much more likely to support someone else on Patreon than I am to set it up on my own blog. It would make blogging feel too much like work.

    1. Rachel estimates I spend 10 to 15 hrs a week blogging as it is. A year from now, happily retired, that will probably go up. It just happens to be a job I love to do ;)

    2. That was supposed to be "community". Auto correct and no coffee is a bad combination.

    3. That was supposed to be "community". Auto correct and no coffee is a bad combination.

  4. I read your blog the most. I would gladly add you to my patreon support list.

  5. Just beware of that weird psychological thing where getting paid for something can make you stop valuing it for itself. It's an easy one to fall into.


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