Wednesday, January 14, 2015

First Tavern Talk was a Success! (Next Week - Same BatTime, Same BatChannel)

Earlier tonight from 830 to 10 pm (NYC time) we held the first weekly Tavern Talk here at The Tavern using the chat widget your see to the upper right of this page.

It exceeded my expectations by far.

At one point we had over 25 people logged into chat, and due to folks dropping in and out, I'm going to guess over 40 folks peeked in at some point (totally pulling that last number outa my ass ;)

Tonight was pretty much a "meet and greet" for members of the OSR community and I was impressed not just those that participated but by the number of conversations going on at once. It was an amazing chaos.

One of the thoughts that came up was a Beer & Pretzels Con - an informal, online con run using Roll20 - probably organized at The Tavern and on G+ (maybe a Beer & Pretzels Con community.) Pick a weekend, post game information, run and play games. I'm really liking this, can you tell?

Anyhow, it was a damn good time. Already looking forward to next Wednesday night :)


  1. Was fun, but things flew by too fast. Maybe consider making the chat room its own page on the blog, because you can do blogger pages and that chat bigger would provide more room to read things before they fly off the little box.

  2. A success. EVERYTHING flies past too fast for me so I can't gauge the pace. Great vibe though without tit-staring and whiffing bad cologne. Roll for Wandering Drunkards . . .


  3. Lots of fun. Looking forward to popping in and saying hello each week.

  4. Something I learned about the chat box to keep the convo from flying by too fast: 1. Click the little "cog" icon in the bottom right corner to bring up "Settings". 2. Make sure "Scroll to latest message" is UNCHECKED. 3. Now the screen will scroll only when YOU scroll it, so you can read the messages at your leisure without them whipping past.

  5. I had wanted to join, but . . . kids.
    Hopefully next time!

  6. you can also pop the chat box out and resize it.

  7. I missed it this week due to pre-existing plans. I'll try making the next one.


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