Friday, January 16, 2015

A WTF? Kickstarter - Shadows of the Darkest night

Sometimes a Kickstarter really talks more about it's creator rather than the project itself. At other times, while talking about the project, the creator reveals more about himself than he ever expected to.

The later is the case with Shadows of the Darkest night.

This creator has three previous projects that failed to fund. By failure, I mean no where close. Nearly unfunded.

I suspect Jessee is off his meds again.


  1. I don't see anything. Wrong with the. Presentation of this. Product. I support the American. Dream.

    1. "Not written only. For the Yangs. But for the Kohms. As well!"

  2. Sounds great, I feel like we all need to pledge so this fellow can afford health coverage so he can get back on his medicine. I really sense a severe manic episode percolating behind the writing of this KS.

    For some reason this KS reminded me of Synnibarr's KS. And yep, that one's deep in limbo and over a year behind. I hope everyone who backed it ironically are enjoying the irony...https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/917876657/republishing-the-world-of-synnibarr

    1. Anyone who gave away money for the Synnibarr KS deserves exactly what they are going to get...

  3. Says a lot without saying anything.

    And: why should anyone want to play in the world of his (clearly never-to-be-published) novel? Sounds awful.

  4. Spartan pirate samurai vikings!?! Holy crap, this is the most amazing concept EVA! I have to draw one of those!

  5. This is two minutes of my life I may actually want back. This guy is probably breeding, driving, playing stupid iphone games and so, so many other disturbing things. Please someone tell me he isn't an American. Give him a coloring book and be sure he doesn't eat the crayons.

    Three minutes. All my fault.



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