Sunday, October 26, 2014

Kickstarter - 50 sHAdes of VORpal - It's What You Expect it to Be

I've gotten about a dozen emails, Hangout messages and G+ heads up on the 50 sHAdes of VORpal Kickstarter.

Why so many? Because folks see it as an awesome parody of all the "Heartbreaker RPGs" that without exception claim to be better than D&D.

Heck, 50SoV says so in it's first sentence:
d&D sucks and this is the GREATEst game of ALL TIME. I know, because I made it.
What makes 50SoV amazing isn't that it's an obvious parody. It's the fact that 163 backers have supported it with over $1,300 in pledges. With 2 1/2 weeks to go.

I just hope the project gets cancelled before it finally runs it's course. Because if it truly funds, we very well may be subject to 50 sHAdes of VORpal.


  1. I keep expecting there to be hidden messages in the capitalized letters.

  2. I desperately want this to end up being a real thing. Parody or not, if there's an actual product at the end, it would be a perfect punchline to a pretty funny joke. I've been surprisingly amused by this KS thus far.

  3. I'd pay just for the joy of a fully realized satire...but one which runs past the deadline, involves weekly updates about everyone's current flu problems, then pneumonia, then how psoriasis can make writing hard. Then we need a proclamation the product is shipping now, followed by six months of silence, then an announcement they're still being mailed in the back of the car trunk of the author, then two weeks later his car is stolen, then he personally emails each backer and asks if he can crash on their couch while he finds himself.

  4. @Nicholas Bergquist: Wow. Awesome. But wow.

  5. Yeah, except Spawn of Fashan was done in earnest. I have a copy of the "Kulp Edition" that was printed up somewhere around the year 2000 (as I recall hazily). The guy even wrote a then-new reflection on his experience writing the game, and how the harsh criticism of it, in Dragon, no less, caused RPGs to lost their luster for him. He wasn't bitter, though, and his new intro/foreword/reflection was a rather melancholy, yet still fond, look back at a time when he - like a lot of gamers - was just getting to know the concept of RPGs, and how it seemed like a wondrous new experience, with broad horizons. This Fifty Shades of Vorpal (which I backed, by the way), is intentional in its savage satire, where Fashan was sincere, even if the designers did throw in a little humor here and there.

  6. A fool and his money, etc. etc. etc.

  7. That Kickstarter seems like something Joesky should have come up with:


  8. I wish it were a real game. Reminds me of those early '80s games like Champions with the incredibly enthusiastic but mediocre art

  9. 50 Shades of Vorpal does look like more fun than AD&D.

  10. I would bet I know who is doing this and you will be surprised at what you get.


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