Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dragon, Dungeon, Adventurer and Other Magazines Archived and more (AnnArchive)

So, earlier today I was looking for a cover picture of Dragon Magazine #68 for my post on weather in RPGs. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled on an archive of Dragon Magazine, Dungeon Magazine, Adventurer (mid 80's RPG mag from the other side of the pond) and a whole lot more.

I give to you:


Scroll down and I see Amber Diceless


  1. Hope there isn't a DMCA notice in their near future...

    1. depends on where it's hosted I would assume.

      I'm not questioning the legality or moral issues, just passing along the info

  2. Been using AnnArchive for awhile whenever I don't have immediate access to my Dragon PDFs (you'd be surprised how often that happens). They just show up whenever I Google a specific issue. I'd assumed they were widely known, though a lack of popularity would help to explain how they're getting away with hosting this stuff

    Whining Kent Pigs has a bunch of Len Lakofka's old Diplomacy fanzine, and a few of the later issues include some OD&D stuff, including an expanded to-hit chart in issue #73 (so smooth)

    Ooh, just noticed AnnArchive has Grimtooth books! Guess I'm not sleeping tonight

  3. They also have a lot of stuff not listed on the index page, such as a complete archive of Warlock Magazine (Fighting fantasy Magazine) : http://annarchive.com/warlock.html. Go check the D&D/Fighting Fantasy monster conversion in issue #09 and the sol0 D&D adventure in issue #10.

  4. Purpleworm.org has all the cover of Dungeon and Dragon and a lot of other cool stuff such as a searchable Sage Advice index. If this site disappears.

  5. Interesting... I had only recently found freegamemanuals.com and had downloaded some issues of Dungeon since I regret not keeping mine when I had them. (The unfortunate side effect of having to give up stuff when moving into a small apartment) Since some of those scans were of obviously well read and used issues with damaged covers, I decided to try downloading from AnnArchive to see if there were any better copies.

    It turns out that they are the same source files, confirmed both from creation dates, but visual comparison as well. In particular, I compared issue 50 because I had noticed that it had a distinctively damaged cover. The AnnArchive file is the same file... The main difference is that downloading is much cleaner and faster from AnnArchive. Though AnnArchive does not have all the issues of Dragon, stopping at 250.


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