Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ah Sh!t, Another Kickstarter Post! Let Me Link a Blog Post From 2007 in the Comments in Protest!

I'm passionate about the OSR and a huge part of the OSR overlaps with Kickstarter projects. They are easily the number one and number two topics I cover here at the blog. That's not a secret.

If you don't like my OSR posts, don't read them. Same goes for the Kickstarter posts. Don't read what you don't like.

Do not, however, drop 7 year old links to some random blog posts because you do not like the topic.

Andre is entitled to his opinion. See, I didn't delete his rant, I just deleted his random link.

I have an EXTREMELY light touch as a moderator of the comments here at The Tavern. If I delete a half dozen posts a year that's a lot, and it probably also includes the handful of spam that makes it past Google's screening.

I like to encourage conversation. Random blog links are not conversation. Just a small note, I DO allow links within comments that are on topic or nearly so, but shit like the above just pisses me off.

Oh, Andre had been dropping links for a while, but this time he was nowhere near the broadside of a barn...


  1. Wait... you "lost the joy and personality for" the OSR?

    Andrè, you are a moron.

  2. It's Andre's world, we all just live in it...

  3. How can you lose the personality for OSR?

    BTW, you need a third thing. OSR, Kickstarter, and something else. It's got to be three or else everything will be slightly "off". Maybe you're already blogging about that third thing but haven't formalized it, I don't know. Or maybe you need to dig a bit deeper...

    1. reviews, although I've fallen way behind on that...

  4. I would not want to have dinner with Andre.

  5. Question: you don't have to answer if you don't want.

    What was Andre's link about? No need to re-post it - just interested in how off topic it was.

    1. it was not related to miniatures or crowdfunding

      definitely related to roleplaying and probably would have survived posting in an OSR thread - or maybe not - it was 7 years old

      it was an attempt to protest - how dare Tenkar posts something that isnt direcrly OSR related!

  6. I don't always dig Mr. Tenkar's opinions, but I must agree he is very laissez-faire vis-a-vis our comments.

  7. in general, I really dig the free exchange of ideas.

    heavy handed moderation kills that shit in a heartbeat.


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