Thursday, October 9, 2014

Looking for the Definitive "OSR" Definition? Old Shit Rules!

It seems like today is the day to define what "OSR" truly means.

Who am I to fail to play the latest round of the game?

OSR - Old Shit Rules!

If it it looks like, feels like, plays like and smells like old shit, it's OSR.

"Shit" in this context is defined as: When something is really cool, awesome, or in someways really interesting.

Sure, you could go here or here for other definitions of the day, but by tomorrow, they'll be obsolete. Old shit will always rule ;)


  1. I shall now apply "Old Shit Rules" to myself and my throng.

  2. And Obsolescence brings us back to OSR. Now, the circle is complete.

  3. Perfect. Those of us who prefer OSR games can interpret it as "adjective/colloquial pronoun/verb" while those who dislike it can interpret it as "adjective/pejorative adjective/noun."

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  5. And I've never understood the problem people having with defining or categorizing things. Shared definitions are a huge part of efficient communication, especially when it comes to debate. I couldn't tell you how many times I've argued with someone, only for us to eventually figure out that our disagreement was completely pointless because we were essentially talking about two completely different things. Many times, it would turn out that we agreed a great deal. Would've been nice to realize that without all the frustration

  6. Does anything need to be defined? Depends on one's definition of "need"...

  7. If one wants to have meaningful discourse, yes. Otherwise, probably not, though it may be useful if you just need to explain the concept to someone (one can get away with a looser definition in that case, though)

    This isn't going to be an issue for most people, and that's perfectly fine, but let's not get all anti-intellectual and start shutting people down if they find this is important to them

  8. I think I summed it up here as I am tired of OSR Defining posts..

  9. Alas, I clicked on the first of your 'here' links and ended up on RPGPunfit's page. Oh dear, nevermind. OSR may very well stand for Opinions Shared Randomly.


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