Sunday, October 5, 2014

And Now a Different Version of the "Tenkar's Landing" Area Map

I had totally forgotten that +Michael Garcia had this map done for an uncompleted project we had been working on. The artist goes by the name "Diamond". Literally, that is all we know besides his statement "I release it to the public domain."

I guess this was the first donation to the crowdsourced project ;)

So, we have two versions of the map to work from.

I still need to settle on a scale...


  1. I was going to recommend pentatonic.

  2. "Brass Knuckle Island" . . . beaches littered with broken teeth.

  3. If I may, allow me to recommend a larger scale, at least 30 mi per hex. That way, we could potentially create an encounter/items/discovery list for each individual hex, and make the island as a whole more complex. Just a thought.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I disagree. 6 mile hex is more than big to have a list of encounters. Have you ever tried to walk 6 miles in a straight line? It will probably take you around 2h. Think of how many things you can encounter during this walk.
      And this is only a straight line from one edge of the hex to the other. The whole area of a 6 mile hexagon is over 30 square miles. More than plenty for a buttload of encounters.

      Edit: fixed math.

    3. I don't disagree with you in principle. But an army usually moves at around 30 mi per day, so if we have an island with a few petty kingdoms mucking about, that gives more than enough room for some decent-sized polities with plenty of wilderness between, and room for an expanded fanciful ecology. Again, it would still work with a smaller hex size, this is just my personal taste. :) I suppose it also depends on how epic a scale you want. After all, someone posted (ages ago) that all of Sherwood forest, with multiple villages and ruins (and at least one notorious band of bandits) was about 30 mi by 6 mi. So you can totally have plenty of adventure in there. I just prefer my sandboxes on the bigger side.


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