Saturday, October 25, 2014

I Must be Paranoid - Paranoia RPG Kickstarter

How many versions of Paranoia are there now? Three West End Games versions and two Mongoose editions? Actually, this would make three Mongoose editions.

So, the latest would be the 6th Edition of Paranoia.

Do we really need 6 editions of Paranoia? Really, do we? I'm asking this question as someone who came on board with the very first edition of the game and quickly realized the rules were worthless - it was all play and players. Seriously. Charts, rolls, weapons, powers - all paled compared to notes being passed back and forth and clones falling by the wayside.

You could just as easily reprint the 1st Edition Paranoia rules as a limited run collectible and probably get the same results on Kickstarter - overwhelming success.

What kind of success?

A goal of 30k pounds, slowly inching up on 56k pounds raised with 38 days to go. Yes, that kind of success.

I just can't get myself worked up for yet ANOTHER version of Paranoia when I have the greatest version of all - 1st ;)


  1. If old school play were measured by character mortality, then Paranoia would be the king of old school games...if such thinking weren't treasonous, of course.

    Had a lot of fun with that game back in the day.

    1. Er, I meant 'fatality,' not 'mortality.' All hail the computer.

  2. I'd buy a 1st edition reprint...but since I don't have editions 2 through 5 and don't feel like playing the ebay game, 6th edition could be good. Now, whether 6th edition will be worth it depends on who's designing the game.....okay, James Wallis; that's good news in my book. But, as usual, I'm not a Kickstarter kind of guy so I'll just make a mental note to look for the final product in roughly sometime around September 2016 ;)

  3. What's different about the new edition. I agree that any WEG version of the game is sufficient. Yet another reboot, reprint, or edition is superfluous sedition and the computer will not stand for it (he doesn't have legs, for one thing)!!!

  4. We all know at least one among us is a Commie-Mutant-Traitor. But in an age which even makes a fuss about minor disturbances like Zombie Apocalypse, or the one true Lactomancer, I simply do not want women to insist on having a child from me "just because I AM a survivor of the scrub-robot-rebellion!". x-) All Hail the Computer!

  5. Yeah, i'd rather they just reprint the WEG game and modules. These new editions seem to either add nothing worthwhile or just suck the life out entirely. See Dungeons & Dragons as Exhibit A.


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