Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Found - My Original Gaming Dice!

Yep, these are the original dice my parents bought for me to go along with my Player's Handbook and Dungeon Master's Guide. The d4 was missing for years before mysteriously reappearing. There was no d10 for any of the young ones asking - the d20 was numbered from 0-9 twice. One side is orange numbers (kinda) the other was usually green. Guess I went with white in my later years ;)

These dice were first used in the summer of 1980. These were followed a year or two later by a set of un-inked gem dice.

Thanks to +parrish warren for giving me the push to find them :)


  1. Who made those? One of my first sets of dice are made by the same company (they used a unique layout on their double-0 d20's), although I had the d10 that went with the set, and my d8 had smaller numbers. Mine were red (d6, d12) white (d4, d8) and blue (d10, d20).

    My first set of (non-box) dice were yellow gem dice I colored with red crayon, but I sold them to my cousin.

    1. no idea - was purchased at B. Dalton's Bookstore. Came in a cheap plastic bag with cardboard to hang from a display and I think they were 10 bucks (if so, that was an amazingly expensive set of dice)

  2. Sweet! My first hobby die was a white Precision d20, numbered 0-9 twice (no pip for tens), which came with Star Fleet Battle Manual (Gamescience). Gifted to me by school friends in the summer of 1980. And I do still have it, still ensconced in the box I keep that game in.

  3. My first dice were the "mud" dice that came with the BX sets. I did buy some low impact dice from Kay Bee Toys around the same time. I'm thinking about busting my low impact dice out for Steve Winter's BX sessions at the NTRPG Con. Though, I imagine the mud dice would be more apropos.

    1. Mine too. My set was even brown like "true" mud dice. I lost them years ago though.


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