Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My North Texas RPG Con Schedule is in the Bag

My #ntrpgcon schedule -

Thursday Evening - Timemaster - +Tim Snider 

Friday Evening - LL - +Zach Glazar

Sat Morning - S&W - +Matt Finch

Sat Evening - Shiverwhen - +Michael Curtis

Sun Morning - S&W again with +Matt Finch

looks like I have room to run a pick up game in the morning or afternoon of thursday or friday.


  1. I know James Aulds is running an ASE hexcrawl. I just like ASE hexcrawls.

  2. Got my schedule locked down as well. See you at the Shiverwhen table!

  3. Good for you! I wasn't able to sign into a single event I wanted.

  4. I'm honored to have you at my table! Thanks for signing up. And I just snagged the last Shiverwhen seat, so I'll be there as well!


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