Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Whisper & Venom - Dungeon Module WV1 - (OSR Adventure)

When +Zach Glazar announce to those of us he was doing a limited release of an adventure for his Whisper & Venom Boxed Set, I jumped at the chance to snag a copy. Just like a classic TSR adventure, the map is printed on the inside of the cover (which is NOT stapled / attached to the module proper).

Looks very cool at quick glance. I'll try to give it a closer look when things calm down on this end. Our doggie just came home from a stay at the emergency vet (seizures are now mixed in with her congestive heart failure). She's an angel and has been through the ringer, so I forgive the bed wetting shortly after she got home ;)

Mix the pet adventures in with all the other events going on, and 2014 HAS to get better...


  1. Sorry about your dog! We're dealing with a dog who happens to have hyperthyroidism, is diabetic and has an unexplained allergy that causes him to itch like crazy (and when he takes his allergy medicine, his blood sugar spikes and we scramble to adjust his insulin. Good times, good times...). He's only 3 years old, so we have lots of medical expenses still on the horizon. I've actually had to use more sick days this year to take care of my dog than I have had to take for my daughter!

  2. I'm beginning to worry about my obsession with your cat!

  3. Holy crap that is a sweet looking cover! Like it was transported from 1981. I'll have to try to get myself a copy. Sorry to hear about your dog. Our 13 year old Treeing Walker Hound is having similar issues. "Extreme hunger and thirst" possibly due to cushings disease means she eats everything she can find (even off the ground in the back yard if you know what I mean) (yuck!) and she can't go more than 2 hours without peeing in the house. Very sad. She's been such a great dog. It's hard to watch her go down hill. Anyway, best of luck with yours and same to you Michael Desing.


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