Friday, January 24, 2014

"New Game Day" on 2/2 - Or Should it be a Full Week of New Gaming?

The guys over at Gnome Stew have decided to make a go at creating a new "gaming holiday" of sorts - New Game Day, which is to be on 2/2 this year and every year hence.
What is New Game Day? 
New Game Day is a free annual event for tabletop gamers worldwide — a day to celebrate tabletop roleplaying games (RPGs) and board games by playing something you’ve never played before. It’s easy to remember, too: “New on 2/2.” 
We hope that on 2/2 every year you’ll take some time to play one or more new games, support the folks who design and sell those games, and share your love of games with others.
Now, I can pretty much guarantee I won't be running a new game, or any other game, on 2/2 this year, as I'll be watching "The Big Game" that shall not be named. I will, however, have a weekend full of gaming between 1/31 and 2/1.

That being said, I'm going to make an addendum and declare the week of 2/2 through 2/8 "New Game Week" and will try to get something hooked up later in the week. I'd love to run a session of Hollow Earth Expedition - just need to dig out the rules from wherever I packed them away and reread them. If I'm able to get this going, I'll announce it in the usual places before hand.

I just need to get out of this week first ;)


  1. Wonder if they realized that date had the Superbowl on it or if they just completely missed that one?

    1. Yep, I knew it was also Super Bowl Sunday. It's surprising difficult to pick a date for a holiday that satisfies multiple criteria, and I decided that having a consistent, easy-to-remember date trumped some of the concerns I had about 2/2 (including this one).

  2. Or, they're playing into the stereotype that the "nerds" who play board games and table top RPGs have no interest in sports. Not really the best way to push your idea; though I suppose it was successful in getting people to talk about it.

    1. As a diehard Seahawks fan that would be a bad assumption!

    2. If they're suggesting 2/2 for every year that won't generally line up with future Super Bowls.
      It will also put it in on Monday next year, which I doubt is a convenient gaming day for many.

    3. Not at all! I know lots of gamers who enjoy watching sports, and I'm not aiming to exclude anyone. No matter what day New Game Day falls on, it won't be an option for some folks; this year, it happens to be on Super Bowl Sunday.

      That said, there's nothing stopping folks who watch the big game from also playing a short game or two to celebrate New Game Day.

      (Apparently I don't use my Blogger profile much, but this is Martin Ralya -- I created New Game Day.)

  3. Combine them and make your new game that day your fantasy puppy Bowl Team :-)

  4. Combine them and make your new game that day your fantasy puppy Bowl Team :-)

  5. I think a new game day is a great idea, I'd be happier with it being the first Sunday in February rather than the date of the 2nd myself. Since the Super Bowl is later in the day, that leaves an open afternoon to game.


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