Thursday, January 23, 2014

I Finally Own a Copy of the "Ready Ref Sheets"

Until my eBay copy arrived today, I never owned a copy of the Ready Ref Sheets from Judges Guild. An amazing confession, I know ;)

Not the easiest to read for my aging eyes, but it's a damn near mint condition copy and I'm very happy with it. Along with the D30 books, I should have the tools to fill some amazing sandboxes.

I'll need to do a post or two mixing the tables from the three books, but probably not until I put this week from hell behind me.

Oh, that's Chloe, our dachshund. Last night at 11 PM we thought she was on her way out, but she instead was having a slight OD from the fenal barbital she was just started on for Monday Night's severe seizures. Vet visit earlier this evening as a follow up to the emergency vet hospital stay has her a-okay, all things considered. She's now on lifetime meds for her heart and the seizures. Our little trooper. And yes, she shares the bed at night with our cat Ashley. :)


  1. Cool book, but you'd better watch out. It looks like there's a rust monster behind it...

  2. Glad to see Chloe enjoy the new gets from eBay. Keep her warm and spoil her often.

  3. That's two treasures you have there.

  4. There is almost no snapshot of daily living that cannot be made better by adding a dog. Awesome about the Ref Sheets...though I am kind of jealous ;)

  5. That is the original DMs guide. Before Gygax went all commercial and shit...lol.

  6. I think you'll enjoy it. Especially the tables that tell you what kind of trouble henchman can get the PCs into.
    I hope Chloe is feeling better. I have a dog that has seizures as well. It can be scary and worrisome.

  7. I think you'll like them. I never heard of them until James M. mentioned them, then I picked it up at cover price from Different Worlds. It's pretty cool - it would have been nice back in the day, but JG stuff just wasn't around where I was as a kid.

  8. Just got these in the mail myself, yesterday, in fact.

  9. A long hair miniature dachshund! I grew up with a passel of those!

    Chloe is beautiful. Reminds me of my "Amy Lou," long since departed. Yep! She's got Amy's eyes! LOL

    Sorry she was unwell, glad she's feeling better!


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