Monday, October 28, 2013

C&C Tome of the Unclean Has a Dirty Trick For Some...

I doubt this is intentional BUT you can buy 7 pages of the C&C Tome of the Unclean Issue # 3 for $9.99 or you can subscribe to the whole project for $9.99

Now, I thought for a sec that maybe this was supposed to be a special link that they might give out to reviewers, but it's in the rotation on the RPGNow homepage.

I know the Trolls have some quality control issues at times, but this is a new one for me...

(not linking the 7 pages with 2 whole monsters for $9.99, as I'd hate for anyone to buy it)

(subscription page)


  1. Multi-tasking is not somebody's forte.

  2. Ha. Anyone ever tell you that you might spend too much time on the net?


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