Saturday, November 2, 2013

Kickstarter Updates For the OSR - The Lost Red Box of Dwimmermount Whispers "OpenQuest..."

I'm actually afraid to see where some of my Kickstarter projects actually are along the fulfillment ladder. Maybe I'll tackle that later on this 4 day weekend of mine.

Instead, I'm looking at some OSR Kickstarters. Some long overdue and some stlll accepting backers.

Lets take some short peeks, shall we?

The Lost Lands: Sword of Air is Frog God Games' setting Kickstarter for S&W and Pathfinder. It has funded and is currently at 383 backers. At 400 backers, Swords & Wizardry Complete goes free in PDF - this is the full art current version. So, backers get to give a gift back to the gaming community as a whole - pretty cool. It also just hit it's first stretch goal at $85k. 13 days left in this one.

Adventures in the East Mark: The Red Box is an amazing value for an OSR starter set. $30 gets you a boxes set with dice. The art is amazing, but if you want it in color, it will cost your $60.

Dwimmermount - another update- another update that I barely skimmed. No ship date yet. 15 months late and the curse seems to be still in effect.

Whispers & Venom Boxed set - on pace to ship at the end of November and on time. I'm really glad I backed this one.

OpenQuest 2 - shipped and delivered and on sale at RPGNow. Took it with me for my extended weekend escape. Hope to get some reading in ;)


  1. Re: Dwimmermount, in the hands of Tavis/Autach and Richard Iorio (doing layout), I have a lot more confidence that it will (eventually) get finished. What seems very grim to me is that the cost of shipping from the US has increased SIGNIFICANTLY since when this Kickstarter began and I worry that Autarch simply won't be able to cover the shipping costs when the books are finally printed. We shall see.

    On OpenQuest: while I own OQ version 1, I'm not all that keen to jump on OQ2. I have nothing against Newt, or OQ, because I rather like what's done and what his design goals are. But I also like what RQ 6 has done rather better, and so my BRP-Fantasy money is going towards that these days instead.

  2. I really hope Adventures in the East Mark makes it, the maps just make me drool and immediately want to jump into the setting. Very evocative and very cool.


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