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Monday, October 28, 2013

Wayward Kickstarter - Myth & Magic - Print Copy in Hand

I almost thought I wasn't going to get a copy. That is, until Tom posted my full name and tracking info in the comments section of the Myth & Magic Kickstarter. Safe to guess my persistent badgering got under his skin. I'm also fairly sure that without the vocal complaints of numerous backers in the comments section of said Kickstarter, we'd still be waiting on delivery.

That being said, its a pretty book. The cover has a nice grip to it and the pages seem to be of a high quality paper. I'd guess and say NHG made little if any profit after shipping these books.

Which is a shame. The PDF showed Myth & Magic to be a damn decent reimagined presentation of the 2e rules and the print copy is an excellent companion to the PDF. I'm just not sure how well Tom is going to be able to regain the faith of a sizeable portion of those that backed this Kickstarter.

Poor communication in a Kickstarter is bad. Outright "misstatements of truth" hurts credibility, and Tom had some whoppers in various updates.

So, excellent game design and presentation, piss poor customer service and management on the business side of things. All in all, not a huge surprise for this hobby of ours.


  1. Looking forward to your real review of this material.

    Don't keep us waiting too long!

    1. to be honest, I'm not so sure how unbiased my review would be at this point

    2. Does it matter how unbiased it is? Just tell us what you think, and we'll decide if that helps us decide on the book or not. I try not to even pretend I write unbiased reviews. :)

    3. @Peter - biased as in "Tom posted my full name and tracking code for the USPS, so any fuckhead could use that to find my full address with a simple search and that shit just aint fucking cool" type of bias."

      Violation of Kickstarter rules, so it was deleted, but it's the thought that counts.

      It's bad enough I average about a perp a year that I bump into off duty and I get recognized, I don't need them on the family doorstep.

      So yeah, I have a shit ton of bias at the moment.

      Well, that and the outright lies in Updates 59 and 60...

      See, I know when I'm biased ;)

    4. You mean I'm not invited to Saturday's bar-b-que? :(


    5. Damn - I thought it was Sunday :(

      I briefly thought of having my own BBQ, but that would have meant 35 bucks up in smoke...

  2. Holy Grail! Are you sure it isn't an illusion or Nystul's Magic Aura?!!!

    1. it's real - I did open it over the sink in case there were "gifts with purchase" that weren't requested, but it is legit

  3. send it my way and I could do a review, Erik. I'm totally unbiased because I didn't back this one.

    1. _and_ we can see if I get it before the other 208 that have been shipped. Just as a test.

  4. Erik if you ever get more pissed off with it/get bored with it give me ring - I would instantly buy that thing off you. I still maintain it's a pretty good 2e based system. It's little heavy on the crunch and has somethin akin to feats (though handled MUCH MUCH better here) but the solid basis is there. I would venture to say it's more on the high-powered side though.

  5. I'll be honest....long before this kickstarter Tom had a known history of being masively behind on M&M and sporadic if not invisible updating. I was keen on a 2E retroclone for a long time, and M&M looked to be it, but at various stages in following his efforts I had thought the project shut down or abandoned. With all that in mind I decided not to back the kickstarter based on prior evidence that it would be severely late, if it ever did show. All that said....I'm glad it's real, and if Tom actually offers a for-sale copy somewhere through a professional retailer I know will deliver in timely fashion I shall buy a copy.



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