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Monday, August 26, 2013

Do You, As a Player, Have a Preferred Class Type?

I've noticed in my gaming group that some players gravitate towards certain classes or roles.

Arcane caster, any kind of caster, fighter, thief - it seems most players have character types that they feel most comfortable with.

As for myself, I tend to GM more much more often then I play. When I do play, I'm willing to fill any unfilled role the party needs - and if the needs are filled, I'm looking to play a bard or some other class / class combo that can fill multiple roles as they come up. I don't THINK I have a preferred class, but if I did, it would be the "jack of all trades" type of character.

Do you have a favorite class or role to play in a party?


  1. I tend to gravitate to the cleric or other divine types, such as the oracle in Pathfinder.

  2. Fighter. I always play fighters. Even in video games, or modern RPGs, or whatever, I choose the heaviest and most straightforward fighter type. I just really enjoy mixing it up with a straight-up fighter. Even my fixer-type guy in a modern game was a gun smuggler and (eventually fairly badass) fighter.

  3. A mate of mine always (and has for the last 20 years) plays an elf wizard. He always has the same (character) name as well.

  4. Fighter, definitely. I've played the odd thief here and there, maybe a cleric, even playing a warlock (kind of fighter/magic-user type) in Blood and Treasure right now. But Fighter is the one I always come back to. I think it's probably just therapeutic for me to simply bash things...

  5. I'll play anything. I really enjoy playing them all. Lately I've been gravitating toward multi-class-classes. Recently I've played a Montebank (mage/thief) and a Monster Hunter which is a cleric/ranger combo. So guess right now I am enjoying the classes with options.

  6. I like character that can build things or who are specialists in general. I talked about my favorite character archetypes here:

  7. It is interesting that you recognize the existence of roles even in old school games. I likewise create whatever character shall fulfil the role most needed by the party. Although I almost never play a rogue or a thief (mayhaps because there is always a player more inclined to skulduggery than I).

  8. I'm always the fighter (with a few exceptions here and there). And I lean towards Barbarian-types if they are available (even if it's a Fighter from the Highlands). Sometimes I'll multi-class, but the first class is almost always a fighter-type.

  9. I am the GM most of the time, and I'm comfortable with any role; but I prefer the warrior or rogue types when playing.

  10. I always like to go with a Thief. Even in video games it's that fastest dagger wielder I can get.

    Thats what makes Kingdom of Amalur and Dragon's Dogma so much fun. Brutal lightning fast attacks.

    Though the mages in those games are nothing short of awe inspiring. You just need to see two Sorcerers weave a Meteor storm together to be a believer.

  11. I'm mainly a GM but as a player I'm more inclined towards a Fighter-type or a magic-user with more of a utility-type arsenal of spells instead of a straightforward fireball/lightning bolt damaging caster

  12. Fighter or bard (if available) in pretty much everything. I get confused if a system doesn't have either option and try to emulate it (see Cain Marco, Vampire mafia thug in OWOD game).

  13. Magic-users and illusionists (or equivalent) are my preferred classes or character types. I also like druids and bards.



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