Sunday, July 7, 2013

Some Thoughts on Kicking off the DCC RPG Campaign

(don't forget to enter the Summer 2013 DCC RPG Contest - Put Together a "DCC RPG Adventure Path" From Existing Published Adventures and you may win some awesome prize)

So, my group seems interested in playing some DCC later on this summer. Damn exciting.

I'm figuring we are looking at 5-6 players, so 3 0-Level characters a piece. I'm currently rereading Sailors on the Starless Sea, as I expect this will be the funnel we will use.

I'm going to go with 4d6 in order, keep the three highest dice. One stat swap (any two stats) or reroll of occupation (including a racial specific reroll for those that have their heart set on playing one of the demi-human races. I don't see the point of limiting the players choice too much).

They'll roll 4 characters and head forth with 3 (the last will be a replacement if needed).

Edit: Alternatively, they could roll 12 sets of scores in order and choose the 3 sets they want to use in the funnel (I'll see which method the players prefer)

I'm interested to see the entries for the DCC Adventure Path contest and how they suggest what order to run the adventures - I may just follow one of the paths set out ;)


  1. 4d6?

    This is why the OSR needs to agree on what the 'R' stands for. Then we can have membership cards.

    And revoke yours.

    4d6? Oi Vey!!

    1. 4d6 is a valid method in AD&D 1e

      would you prefer I go with UA's alternate character generation method? ;)

  2. I HIGHLY recommend 3d6 in order for DCC zero-level characters. Try it!

  3. Use the Purple Sorcerer 0-level character generator. Use the 3d6 (As Crom intended) method. Print out 2 sheets of 4 0-levels per player. Throw in a big pile in the center of the table. Players fight over who gets which sheet. Keep the leftover sheets as spares to hand out (as rescued villagers) when someone loses all their characters .

    This method works great. It gets the desperation going early.

    Really the 4D6 method doesn't add anything significant - the characters that survived our Sailors funnel were actually the ones with the lowest stats. They also turned out to be the most entertaining.


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