Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Dragon Horde Zine Issue #1 - Pay What You Want (OSR Fanzine)

The Dragon Horde Zine Issue #1 is very Old School - not just in content, but in feel. To the point that some of the articles use a font that mimics a bad mimeograph copy. Alright, that part I didn't enjoy so much ;)

Still, it's 24 pages of Old School zine complete with a decent dungeon, new creatures and magic items and even some charts for detailing the tavern your party is currently imbibing in. Good stuff!

The suggested "donation" or price is 50 cents. If you pay 50 cents, OBS adds a 35 cent "surcharge" to your purchase for being under a buck. Either add something else to you cart if you want to kick the author back a few cents, or just pay a buck. It's well worth the price (and you can check it out for free and pay later if you would like).

From the blurb:

Inside this inaugural issue:

• The Monster Roster: the leech-man and the beguine, with Oe/BX/1e stats

• d30 feature: Where Does the Weapon Hit? 

• Familiars Found: Guidelines for Spellcaster Familiars
  in New Big Dragon's Universal RPG The System

• A Map of Yal Caramon and an overview of Lerdyn Chrisawn's Chronicle

• New NPC Class: Chroniclist

• The Undertemple of Arkon: An Adventure for Characters Levels 1-3 

• Seven New Magical Weapons 

• Who Speaks What: A Languages Spoken Crib Sheet

• Who's in the Tavern: Tables to Fill the Tables at the Local Tavern

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  1. Thanks Erik! I had a blast putting this together and I'm just glad people are enjoying it!


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