Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Gaming Thoughts - Of Missing Players and Tempting RPGs

Last night there were only four of us for the ACKS game - summer has that effect on gaming. So we did some maintenance and one hell of a lot of yapping and called it a relatively early night, which is ok, as I was still exhausted as all shit from Friday night's events.

We are toying with the idea of running some DCC RPG for the next few weeks. I'd rather not run the ACKS campaign short two players and the summer being what the summer is, I expect we will be short for the rest of the summer in some manner or form. DCC feels like it could support smaller group play with the simple tool of giving everyone multiple PCs, which I am most certainly NOT comfortable doing in most RPGs, but fits fine with DCC.

Then of course there's my renewed interest in RuneQuest, thanks in large part to the release of RQ6. I know at some point I'd like to run a short campaign / long arc using the RQ rules, but character gen in RQ is a lot more in depth than DCC or even ACKS. Does that long generation process include an assumption that character death will be less common. Is there a bit of "Aura of GM Protection" that must go along with it? This is one of those times that WFRP type "Fate Points" become a useful tool, I think.

Ah well, stuff to read, a game to prep for and weekend chores around the house. Too bad I slept half the afternoon away yesterday ;)

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  1. Summer does seem a time for absent players. Being part of a University society, it's a really slow time of year for us. So, we just change things up a hell of a lot more; mix the groups up a little, and let people who usually wouldn't run a game try their hand at it, and even try out a few systems we usually have the time to trial. take advantage of the break to have some fun without too much pressure on the group.


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