Saturday, July 21, 2012

Limited Edition AD&D DMG and MM in Hand (PH is on Backorder)

I am very impressed with the EGG Limited Edition Reprints of the AD&D 1E Dungeon Master's Guide and Monster Manual (my Player's Handbook is on backorder).

The books seem to be heavier than the originals. The paper used is of higher quality. I now have copies that don't have the combat tables soiled by my dirty fingers flipping through top find the charts time and time again.

Amazingly enough, my Monster Manual opened right up to the page with the Succubus on it. Good times :)


  1. Ahh yes. The succubus. She and I spend a lot of time together in the upstairs bathroom in my teenage years. It was great to finally have something other than the Sears Catalog bra section. The internet generation is spoiled.

    1. lol Thanks for the honesty. The Lamia isn't that bad either .... :-)

  2. Mine will arrive in a couple of days. Is there any errata incorporated and on what printing are the books based on. There is only vaque information on the internet. Can you shed some light?

  3. To me they are just ok, better than no reprint but the art is too dark.


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