Sunday, December 11, 2011

Looking Back at an End and a Beginning

When I was writing last night's post for Saturday Night Special, it occurred to me that the weekend I was writing about was also the last weekend my old gaming group ever sat down and actually gamed.  That was it.  Fini.

Up until then, I had worked retail. and I was off just about every sunday or I was in the Police academy and I was off every weekend.  We weren't off weekends to make it better for us, the recruits, but because it work for the academy staff.

After I was assigned to my permanent command, my regular days off (RDOs) were Wednesday / Thursday.  That was my weekend.

My hours weren't all that great either.  530 PM by 205 AM (1730x0205).  Which made it hard to even consider gaming before hand, and no one wanted to game on what was for them a for night.  Thus would end my adventures in table top gaming, until I found the like of Klooge and Fantasy Grounds and the rest of them.

The old group and I still get together a couple of times a year.  We never game, unless it's some quick PS3 or XBox gaming.  Too much catching up to allow us to roll more then the occasional die, although I did run a game of Action Castle last time we gather and it was a blast.  It almost felt like old times ;)

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I hope that your group gets together for a game soon.


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