Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Think I'll Trade in Some Sleep For Reading Raggi

Isle of the Unknown barely got a peek last night. It looks awesome at first glance, tho I think I'll need to print out the map for easy reference as I read through the hex based text.

I know Jim is saying that this and Carcosa are super hyper linked or something - I didn't look close enough last night to check properly. I did see a nice bookmark tree in Isle of the Unknown. At this point in PDF publishing that should be an assumed feature - products lacking such should be docked and noted in any review. So, at the very least, Jim has hit my standards for PDF publishing. Yeah, like I set the standards ;)

I think I'll stay up late to read these. Not like I'm sleeping well anyway... heh


  1. Carcosa's PDF is the one that's blow-away amazing. Isle's is merely highly functional.

  2. Watch out, Tenkar! Foregoing sleep, to read some quaint and curious volume of Forgotten Lore, has been the downfall of many a poor soul...


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