Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Winners of the Free Wedding Favors Are...

Everyone that entered!

Well, 24 fine folks will be getting copies of Maidens Of Moordoth , 5 others are getting individual prizes, as my count shows 29 total entries.  So, if you entered and you aren't named for one of the 5 prizes below, you are getting the prize above.

I broke out my trusty d6 and d10 (because even though I have every weird ass die used in DCC in my bag, I lack a d30) - ignoring any 30s that come up, I rolled 19, 21, 1, 20 and 12

Knockspell #6 (my first and only published article lies within) - JDJarvis

Oubliette #6 (cause it rocks) - NEMO235

6-Pack Adventures: Kiss of the Frog God - (you need something weird, and this is a LotFP WF compatible module) - Loquacious

Elder Tunnels:  Fall 2011 (i have to include something for Tunnels & Trolls on the list) - Tim Shorts

Resolute: The Splintered Realm (neat little system rolled into 20 pages) - Sir Timothy of Kent

I need you all to email me at erikATtrubluniteDOTnet.  I need to know your blogger name (so I know the prize) and the email address you use at RPGNow/DriveThruRPG/OneBookshelf.  These won't be coming as coupon codes - I'll actually be buying it for your account.  This may take me a few days to get them all out, but I'll do them in the order received.

edit:  post a commned to this post too if you could - that way i know that the person claiming the prize is who they are or should be or something along those lines... heh

Thanks to everyone who posted a comment.


  1. Wow! Very pleased and excited to have won one of the main prizes! Thank you, Tenkar! :)

  2. @Sir Tim - email me when u get the chance so i can get the prize into your account. congrats!

  3. I'm happy to be one of the winners of Maidens of Moordoth! I just emailed you the requested information. :)

  4. This is an awesome suprise! You get married and we get the presents.
    That issue of Oubliette looks really cool.
    Thank you very much.

  5. I won again. And some T&T stuff to boot. Woot. And very glad to hear your wedding day was spectacular.

  6. (Hopefully) e-mail sent in early hours of this morning :)

  7. "At last the Dodo said, 'everybody has won, and all must have prizes.'"

    Thank you for the prize, congratulations to all the other winners, and (of course) best wishes for you and your new lady wife. :)

  8. Wow, I won! I never win =)

    Emailing soon.

  9. Congrats again, much happiness to you and yours! And thanks for the favor! My email has been jettisoned in your general direction...

  10. @Sir Tim - gmail flagged u as spam - fixed and sent

  11. I think I've gotten to everyone who emailed thus far. I'll send out more later today.

  12. thanks and congratulations once again.

  13. Cheers - going to cash in my prize now. And once again, congratulations of your nuptials ;)

  14. As Nemo 235 said-- you get married and we get the pressies. Odd :)

  15. Looking forward to the Maidens of Moordoth :)

    congrats of your marriage!

  16. Congratulations on the happy occasion! My 9th wedding anniversary is in a couple days. I'm one of the winners of Maidens of Moordoth and am going to email you the requested information now. Thanks for the present!

  17. just sent out a few more copies of the Maidens of Moordoth.

    you are all very welcome. thank you for helping me celebrate an awesome occasion:)

  18. Congrats on the ceremony, etc., and thanks for the freebie of Maidens of Moordoth!

  19. just sent Bob his prize. If you posted in this thread to claim your prize and DIDN'T get it yet, let me know.

    If you are owed a prize and haven't claimedit yet, what the heck are you waiting for?!?



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