Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Brady-Moon Suffers From Bad Brakes

Last nite while heading out to dinner, the car suddenly sounded like we were dragging something.  We weren't.  The passenger side front brake decided it was the right time to crap up.  We aborted dinner, headed home and dropped the car at a local shop at 0830 this morning.  My son is walking back to town to pick it up now.  Both front pads and rotors had to be replaced.

Guess it was better then having repairs needed while heading home tomorrow, with the pets in the car and some major distance to cover.

The brewpub tour we had planned for today will wait for another time.

Did a Feltothraxis video earlier this afternoon, but the video crapped up while recording.  I'll have to try another later tonight.


  1. bummer :(
    Hope things go smoother soon

  2. Sounds like you have gremlins.
    I'm glad everyone is okay.

  3. Everything happens for a reason. We've had a nice couple of days so I really can't complain.


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