Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Felt Thoughts and Other Rumblings

So, earlier today I finally got around to filming a Feltothraxis (link to last month's video) video - it's been weeks since I have done so, and I brought him, my camera and my tripod with me on the short getway to do just such.  So, of course, the gremlins struck and the video only played back in ultra-fast motion (sound played back at normal speed - go figure).  So I filmed a new one tonight.  Totally off script.

Feltie does not do reviews.  He does thoughts about RPGs and RPG products, and his thoughts being driven by the thought pattern of dragons often means they are flighty thoughts.  I think that's why I enjoy him so much.  He is very much like a character that writes himself.

Vornheim was in my bag from a previous weekend getaway packing.  Feltie's thoughts on it should be posted tomorrow for viewing.

We still have renovations to be completed at the house (contractor starts next Monday), I got transferred to a new (more responsible) position (same location) at my job over the weekend (my new crew texted me to let me know) and we still need to move my wife out of her old apartment.  Wife.  I really need to get used to saying that ;)

Hopefully by the end of the year things will have settle down and I get get some gaming in on a regular basis.

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