Friday, October 28, 2011

Just a Wee Bit More DragonQuest

I am VERY happy with my acquisition of the DragonQuest Boxed set.  The box is a little shelf worn, but the books are still fresh and crisp and all the counters and chits have never been punched out.

I feel like I'll be learning a new language, although the Pathfinder Basic Box is going to be stealing my attention for now, DragonQuest will be delved into when my time free up ):)


  1. Wow. You have 1st edition and 3rd edition. 2nd is the best, but here is my advice/ Play 1st edition, but use the TMR system from 3rd instead of the AP system from first. And steal the extra magic colleges from 3rd.

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  3. As a public service, in case anyone is interested, you can download PDFs of Dragonquest 2nd and 3rd editions here:


  4. @John, I MAY have a 2nd edition packed away on a high shelf. It was in softcover format, with the art from the box with a white background. I just can't find it now ;)

  5. Nice purchase! You already know how much I like Dragonquest! Enjoy the exploration of the game.

  6. This is the game I liked the most and still haven't played. I own three copies of the 2nd ed. and one of the 3rd ed.

    I'm nuts.


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