Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Love Rosie The Robot (Where I Talk About My iRobot Vacuum)

Recently I found a deal on a Roomba iRobot robotic vacuum cleaner.  I've been reading about them for years it seems, but this time I finally stepped up and got one of the basic models.  I'm in love.

Actually, my fiancee loves it too, as do my parents, who ask if they can borrow it constantly (I know what will be on their Christmas list).

Charge it up and let it roam.  It does a very decent job at vacuuming (not perfect, but who is?).  It handles all floors but shag - and shag is so yesterday anyway.

Right now I have it vacuuming around me as I work on some reviews for later.  I like the future.  Still waiting on my flying car though ;)


  1. I've been thinking about getting one for quite a while now. With two dogs and three cats, we're up to our ears in dust-bunnies daily.

    With your thoughts on the Roomba, I may see one in my future as well!

  2. I generally do not watch SNL as I am often engaged in other pursuits but do you remember that SNL episode that had the vacuum specifically for people with the 'not so clean feeling?' I think they called it a woomba.

  3. @bliss - 2 family house. my folks downstairs have 2 persian cats and my son and I have 1 cat. when the fiancee moves in, add a long haired dachshund. The roomba seems to do very well with pet fur so far.

    @ACG - I gave up on SNL a long time ago but "the woomba" sounds like a great skit ;)


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