Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Free Time... What Free Time?

As am sitting at my desk at work, digging myself out of paperwork, it suddenly full dawned on me - I don't have much in the way of free time until after my wedding. How the hell did that happen?

Two nights a week I shuttle my son back and forth to EMT class. In between the shuttling I also have to drop the fiancée at her apt in The Bronx. So, those two nights are shot. Weekends always revolve around renovations, so they are shot. Tuesday and Thursday nights. I think I have majority ownership of them ;)

After November my son's classes are over, renovations will be done, trips to The Bronx will no longer be needed - I think the New Year will bring some fairly regular gaming back into my life.

Oh, wait - football season starts soon. Okay, Sunday's will still be shot for a while... heh


  1. Jets!

    That being said, I'll watch the Giants game too ;)

  2. Boo Giants!

    E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES!

  3. @ Tenkar - You'll be watching Giants for both games; enjoy Plax while you can, never know when he'll decide to shot the other leg.

    @ Drance - I'm going to have to de-link you Drance! Maybe not, I guess since I don't combine politics with gaming I can extend that to sports teams as well.

  4. Okay if we are going to talk football I have to give a shout to my Steelers. Really looking forward to the season this year. Jets, Eagles are all great teams and looking forward to see what they do. As long as the Jets keep on beating the Pats they will be a 2nd favorite team.


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