Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene Wasn't the Biatch I Thought She Was ;)

I'm still here ;)

The rain was the worst of it.  The basement got damp but didn't flood.  I did get a leak in the roof which sucks, as it came thru the ceiling in one of the rooms I just renovated.  Still, we have power and the worst seems to be over.

Didn't get recalled for the weekend, so I guess I'll find out how bad things are at work when I return tomorrow morning.


  1. not as bad as expected here either. i'm hoping for no work tomorrow though.

  2. I'm watching the surf reports to see what kind of peaky windswell the east coast is going to get over the next few days. It's got to be firing somewhere.

  3. @joe - looks like mass transit is going to be down on monday ;)

    @christian - the undertow was kicking' the shit outa the surfers yesterday

  4. Thankfully the reports have been mostly overblown for the impact on the northeast.

  5. Glad you and my favorite city are relatively unharmed. :)


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