Saturday, September 3, 2011

Counting Time on a Tombstone

I spent some time earlier today walking through an old cemetery - or at least old for the States as I know our European friends have a different timetable as to what is old ;)

I wasn't just surprised at how weathered the stones looked, but how they tilted and fell over during the course of 200 years or less. Not from abuse, but from wind, rain and the settling of the soil. I found it to be quite amazing (I filmed some and hope to get that posted over the weekend). It got me thinking about how the window dressing that we usually see in our adventures leaves out such effects of time.

I think there is a random table or two hiding there. I need to get to work and unearth them...


  1. Eww, that sounds interesting. Looking forward to it.

  2. I spend more time at cemeteries than most and I get a good look at how they are kept up, the wear on Tombstone and the various mausoleums and monuments that decorate them. What always amazes me about the passage of time is why do some things succumb so easily and others seem pretty impervious.

  3. @Tim - part 1 is up

    @padre - i've always been fascinated by old cemeteries. The Poconos have their fill, but even the South Bronx has some squirreled away in places you'd never expect. The Bronx was farmland back in the day.


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