Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You! Shook Me All Night Long!

I hope everyone is okay on the rest of the East Coast. I felt the quake up here in NYC. Pretty weird feeling.

I'm sure Christian is an old hat at this ;)


  1. That's so funny that you say that. When I heard the news I thought, "5.9? Man, I'm just roll over and go back to bed when there's a 5.9."

    All joking aside, I was glad to hear that all is well on the east coast.

  2. No real damage here in DC, until you try to get home. Gridlock out the yazoo! After waiting for 40 minutes for my commuter bus, I decided to head back to the office and wait out the traffic.

  3. Yeah, I really couldn't fathom what was going on. My mind went to about three other possibilities before the idea of 'earthquake' came up.

  4. I've lived here in South Jersey all my life, and this has never happened here before, and I never thought it would happen. I've always heard of earthquakes on the news and thought "Well, don't have to worry about that here, at least." Oh well, I've been very wrong before about many other things.

    BTW: when the thing hit, I was in the local Barnes and Noble flipping through a new collection of Lovecraft's stories. I swear to God!

  5. I first thought "oh my God, I have the shakes!", the I thought "where the huge ass truck driving by my office" followed by "it can't be the subway, we're too far" and then "I don't hear an explosion" and finally "Holy Shit! It's an earthquake!" ;)

  6. I'm in Virginia, and only about 40 miles away from Mineral. We've been getting aftershocks every couple of hours now. Thankfully, there's been no real damage. Kinda glad I had all my fragile stuff packed up though.


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