Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Enough With the F'n Rain Already!

Yes, I'm bitching about the weather... again. Yes, I should be happy it's not snow. I don't care. NYC had spotty rain on Saturday night, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, a crapload today, looks to be more tomorrow (and I get to play with firearms in possible thunder showers... sigh) and even Friday.

Maybe this means the holiday weekend will be nice. It better be, I have 2 dozen coming over for the kid's 18th b-day!


  1. We are like the Post Office - Rain or Shine. That being said, they extended the cycle 2 weeks, so I'm rescheduling myself for sometime next week. I'd like to not be holding a piece of metal that contains things that go boom at arms length in a thunderstorm ;)

  2. In Vegas, it's been wind wind wind for the last few days.


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