Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Game On! (Tunnels & Trolls)

Last nite was the first session of the online, chat based, Tunnels & Trolls game being run by Scott over at the blog HUGE RUINED PILE. It's in my blog list to the left (links are a PITA with the iPad). Scott has a nice write up of last night's session, so I won't bore you with a retread. Suffice to say it was a most excellent gaming session.

My son, he who is to shortly turn 18, stopped at my desk three times to comment:

"I thought you said you were playing a game? All I see is chat. You call this a game?"

Three times. I actually think he is interested. Fantasy Grounds he understood as a game interface, and he dismissed it as boring. Entirely chat based he found intriguing enough to stop at least 3 times to read the chat and comment about the game (or lack there of).

I think I may be able to draw him to the Darkside ;)


  1. I just played my first solo T&T adventure yesterday thanks to your blog. I died quickly. :)

  2. Joe, I hope you at least had fun ;)

    T&T Solos can be fairly lethal, especially with the rarity of healing. The whittle down factor can be a real biatch.

    Some of the new solos are a bit better... balanced? survivable? I'll have to do a post dealing with that when i can

  3. I had fun, alright. I just need to find another 30 minutes or so and head back in and see if I can survive with a new guy beyond 5 areas. :)


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