Friday, January 21, 2011

End of the Week Tavern Round-Up

Another weather non-event for NYC, although if they fail to clean up the 3 inches of slush by tonight, the 12 degree night time temp may cause some real icing issues.

Tomorrow nite I get to play some Castles & Crusades via Fantasy Grounds and I get to see how my 11" gaming net book handles it all. Most net books don't have the right resolution for FG and you lose the chat bar at the bottom.

Jets, Jets, JETS on Sunday evening. I managed to escape the game / game conflict I thought was going to happen, thank god ;)

I'll try to get some Tunnels & Trolls info up tomorrow concerning the changes from 5e to 5.5e. I'd do it tonight, but I'll be at a retirement party (not my own, sadly enough).

BTW, I now have a copy of every edition of T&T (1st and 3rd are reprints) from 1e thru 7.5e. I'm need to sit down and work on my FrankenTroll house ruled version if I ever want to get a game up and running ;)

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