Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Games I Own, But Have Never Played - The Morrow Project

I remember my friend Paul handing me a small stack of gaming books and telling me: "I want you to run this". It was The Morrow Project and an adventure or two. He told me something to the effect that it was an awesome setting but he wasn't up to running the system (to tell the truth, I don't think Paul ever ran a game in any system - he was a player thru and thru).

Being the good egg I was, I took the books with every intention of running a campaign. Never happened. The system was why too complicated for me to absorb in a sitting (or 10), and I was awesome at picking up new systems when I was younger.

I thought of using the source material with another system, but the only other post apocalypse system I owned (let alone knew of) was Gamma World, which was not a good fit.

So, for the last 20+ years it has sat in a closet, never seeing the light of day. Sorry Paul.

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