Monday, January 17, 2011

It a Lethargic Monday

The Jets win over the Patriots sapped me last nite... in a good way. Still, I am exhausted this morning. It doesn't help that i had to drop my car off at the mechanic yesterday... it didn't want to start. After many attempts and frequent prayers we got it going, but I suspect the starter is the problem. I guess i'll know later today.

My review slush pile is getting a bit too large, so I need to plow thru it a bit in the next week or two. Thank God its 100% virtual, or I'd be buried under it all ;)

I actually saw a commercial for the new DC Comics MMORPG during the Jets / Pats game. It looked cool, I just hate super hero based MMORPGs. I can only run around the same block so many times before I'm bored outa my skull.


  1. I'm not a jets fan ( i dont hate them or like them),but I was pulling for them. Reason why? I cant stand Tom Brady. Con-grats!

  2. The scoreline did not reflect your team's dominance over mine. I guess I'm a Pittsburgh fan now. ;)

  3. The Pats were init until nearly the end. You can never count Brady out.

    The Jets did play very well, better then at any other time this season. I guess playing the best brought out their best.

  4. Congrats on your Jets; however, they must now face my Steelers...vee vill crush you...

  5. @kilsern - don't take it personally against your fine Steelers, but the Pats are / were scarier. Jets are still the underdogs tho...

  6. Steeler Nation gives thanks for knocking down the Brady Bunch; however, food for thought: the Ravens were scarier then the Jets, but hey, it's football, if it were predictable, why would anyone watch it. I'm predicting now though, the Superbowl will be Steelers vs. Packers, and it will be bloody.


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