Thursday, December 23, 2010

Just End the Crusade(r) Already!

I really wish Troll Lord Games would put the Crusader Magazine / House Organ to bed already.  Issue #22, which came out last December, even caused me to rant about it.  I'll try to avoid the ranting this time.

Where shall I start?  Perhaps the misguided attempt to take the magazine monthly?  As the current issue is #24, that obviously was an impossible target.  The funny thing is, the current issue feels as much filler as the last dozen have.

One improvement with the current issue is moving away from stapled binding to a glued binding.  The cover is by Peter Bradley, and I generally like his work.  It's nice and subdued this issue.  It's also less cluttered with the table on contents inside, where it belongs.  I'd link it, but I cant seem to find it on the Troll Lord's site (edit:  found it, obviously).

Physically, the magazine is much improved.  It's the filler I can't stand.  What I want from Crusader, and what I haven't seen since it's earliest issues, is alternate rules for use with Castles & Crusades, a small adventure, creatures or magic items that ARE NOT ANOTHER SAMPLE from a soon to be released item.  The last item is the worst of all fillers.  I'm paying for something I'm expected to pay for again?  Besides, it was already written, so it's just being thrown in as filler.

I guess this is an anti-filler rant without trying.

I look at an average issue of Signs & Portents from Mongoose, which is 100% house organ, and I find more that I could use in a C&C game at my table then I do in Crusader.

Issue 24 was a bit of a surprise when it arrived, as I thought my sub had run out.  I suspect with this issue, it has.

At least there wasn't the usual guilt trip to try to raise subscriber numbers that Ward had been giving to his readers.  That crap still has a bad taste in my mouth.

I really want to like the Crusader, but I can't.  Even at $3.99 an issue it's a constant disappointment.  None of this stops me from getting other stuff from the Trolls, but as far as the Crusader, this is my last one.  Sadly, it wont be missed.


  1. I agree with you. I let my sub run out a loong time ago. Some of the early issues had some useful stuff, the alternate classes for one, I liked some of the Gygax articles, but the rest was a waste. Haven't missed it one bit.

  2. Got mine a day or so ago and it is sitting collecting dust with the rest. Again, it was another useless issue with no content or substance. My sub has run out and I will not be re-upping.

    Sad thing is, I have found more in the two issues of Knockspell I have than in the last five or so Crusaders. TLG used to be one of my favorite companies but things like the Crusader downturn and other bungles have left me cold on the company.

  3. Funny thing is, I just peeked at the Troll Lord Forums, and although there are alot of posts praising Crusader, I don't see many actually talking about what they like about the Crusader.

    Crusader should feel like Dragon Magazine from the mid 40 issues thru the early 100's. Instead, it feels like pure House Organ crap without ANY new crunch and poorly written fluff. Hell, I could do that for myself ;)

  4. Josh I agree with you about the TLG "used to be one of my favorite companies" comment. I see alot of wasted potential there myself. Shame really.


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