Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Where Is THE OSR Forum?

I know about Dragon's Foot, but they aren't very fond of the clones for the most part over there.

ENWorld is more 3.5 / Pathfinder / 4e.

Labyrinth Lord, Swords & Wizardry and Castles & Crusades have their own. I don't know of one for OSRIC.

Is there a central forum for OSR games that I don't know of? Should there be one?

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  1. There is one run by Chicago Wiz, I think

  2. Finarvyn's OD&D Board has been a longtime gathering of those talking about OD&D and old school gaming topics. It's probably the least drama-driven, most peaceful place there, in part due to the high quality of posts. It gives nominal coverage to other OD&D based games.

    Knights & Knaves Alehouse is probably THE BEST AD&D forum - most of those that can rightfully claim to have pushed the boulder over the cliff to get the old school revival going hail from there. It's cranky, opinionated and a hive of scum and villainy - you'd like it!

    I don't run a forum. I had a big enough target painted on my back ahwileback ;)

  3. I forgot about Knights & Knaves Alehouse. If I recall correctly, much of OSRIC's initial brainstorming went on there.

    Don't believe I've checked out Finarvyn's OD&D Board yet. I'll need to give that a check.

  4. There's also a BFRPG forum. I still think the best all around old school board is dragonsfoot. It's pretty friendly to everything that isn't made by wotc. ;)

  5. Most of the old school revival's brainstorming went on at K&K, and to a lesser degree at Dragonsfoot, although my history is murky as I came in about a year after much of the initial drama and "We love/hate C&C" wars died down.

  6. I think Fin's OD&D board is pretty much the center of the universe for most of those who consider themselves part of something called the "old school renaissance." There are other old school boards, such as Dragonsfoot and K&K, but they're more about simply playing old games than the OSR per se. It's a fine distinction, admittedly. Yet, it's one that I suspect many of those guys would want to maintain.

    (That said, a lot of people at Dragonsfoot and K&K are sympathetic to the OSR and may in fact participate in it to one degree or another, so the distinction, while real, is a fluid one)

  7. Another thumbs up for http://odd74.proboards.com/.
    - Tavis

  8. Much of the OSRIC collaboration was done on the K&K boards. There was a specific forum there for us collaborators to post art, creatures, etc. That is the genesis of my involvement in the OSR several years back. Much of the OSRIC work was done in 2006/2007.

  9. I'm glad that there isn't a central OSR forum, I like the differences in tone and focus of the boards and think that a central forum would become a self-imposed ghetto-posing-as-a-stronghold full of circular arguments and 1001 variations on Thieves.

  10. I wish there was a central OSR forum with sections for all the different clones in one place. The diversity under one roof has appeal. I think there's a need too.


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