Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sometimes You Have to go to the Postman

Did I mention my local Post Office sucks?  Big time?  It appears my Flying Buffalo order is being sent back, not that they ever made the attempt to deliver it.

My big T&T purchase on Ebay?  tracking finally updated last nite, it appears they've had it since LAST Friday... again, no slip to let me know, thank god for (delayed) online tracking.  All that being said, it wasn't waiting at my zoned post office, but a neighboring one.  Yep, two trips.

That being said, I now have a 2nd printing of Monsters! Monsters!, and 13 of the first 14 Solo adventures.  Oh, and a second copy of the 5e rules for T&T.

I guess you can say it was worth the wait ;)

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