Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Contest: Win a PDF Copy of Realms of Cthulhu

Let's get this party started!

The contest is really simple, but it will require a minimum amount of work on your part to enter.

You are going to roll up a Tunnels & Trolls character, and one random poster will win a PDF copy of Realms of Cthulhu courtesy of RPGNow.

So, what you need to do is:

1 - download a free copy of the Tunnels & Trolls rules if you don't already own a copy of the 5e/5.5e/7e or 7.5e rules - any edition of the T&T rules will work

2 - roll up a character (or many, but only the first posting will count).  You'll need some d6s for this.

3 - name your character

4 - post your character in this thread with a sentence or two describing him / her

5 - at midnite on Saturday, October 30th, 2010 I'll randomly choose one the posted characters as the winner, and send out the prize via email.

Pretty easy if you ask me ;)

P.S.  Yes, I really do have T&T on my mind these days.  So sue me!


  1. Aonghasan

    Kindred: Elf
    Type: Wizard

    ST 09
    CN 06
    DX 11
    IQ 20
    LK 17
    CH 20
    WZ 30

    Adds: +5
    Level: 3

    Talents: Sycophant (CH+5)

    Weapons: Dagger > Bank x2 2d+3 ea
    Total Attack Power: 4d+11

    Armor: Arming Doublet (2)
    Total Armor Value: 2

    Equipment: Hooded Cloak

    Gold: 0
    Silver: 0
    Copper: 1

    Aonghasan is a simpering courtier and advisor to the aged Lord Niall. As Niall declines deeper into his many infirmities, he relies more and more upon the guidance and wisdom of his trusted lackey.

    Secretly, Aonghasan is a dark wizard, who has been lacing the Lord's food with poisons and to weaken him in mind and body, so that his master's business and authority fall upon him.

    Unknown to Aonghasan, Lord Niall's daughter Una suspects his treachery, and has begun to gather evidence-- not to free her father from Aonghasan's designs, but to blackmail the wizard into teaching her his dark arts, which she cannot learn legally since she is a Rogue.

  2. Aonghasan was created with T&T v7.5.

  3. Morty
    Type: Warrior Kin: Human Level: 1
    ST: 15 IQ: 14 LK: 13
    CON: 14 DEX: 11 CHR: 5
    Adds: +4
    Ht. 5'11" wt. 135
    Weight Possible: 1500
    Weapons: Spontoon 8' 3dice +3 adds wt 100
    Dirk 2dice +1 adds range- 10 yards wt 16
    Armor: Arming Doublet 3 x2, Full Helm 3x2, Gauntlets (2x2), Greaves (2x2)
    Total Armor: 20
    Languages: Common, Orcish, Saurian
    Other equipment:
    Warm Clothing and Back pack, Delvers package, knee high boots, 5 torches.
    Gold: 10

    Morty isn't terribly impressive (being rather skinny and not even remotely handsome) he is brutally honest and has sunk most of his coin into enough armor to survive a delve in to the tunnels.
    He spent some time working in a petty Baron's retinue but quickly tired of pushing peasants around for an over stuffed cushion chair of a man that was his former boss.

    (Morty was whipped up using the 5th edition rules)

  4. Sweet... 2 entries so far lads and ladies... keep it coming :)

  5. Elladan
    Kindred: Elf
    Class: Rogue
    Level: 1

    Str 9 Int 12 Lk 9 Con 3 Dex 24 Cha 26 Spd 12
    Personal Adds +12
    Wt Possible 900

    Short Sword 3D+0 Wt 30
    Dirk 2D+1 Wt 16

    Complete Leather Hits Taken 6 Wt 200
    Steel Cap Hits Taken 1 Wt 25

    Warm Clothing and Back pack, Delvers package, knee high boots, 5 torches.

    Elladan is a mild elf from the City-State of the Crimson Drake. He's got limited personality but few people hate him enough to knife him and drop the body into an alley.

    Elladan's family, however, doesn't expect him to last much beyond the first combat. They've got a life insurance policy on him in the event they can make some cash out the deal, though, and hope that he checks out soon.

    Amazingly, he's been in a few fights and managed to survive. If he can make it to 2nd level, the insurance pay-out is bigger but that might mean he's going to live longer.

    I'm sure some of the family are willing to talk to some aspiring monsters to finish the new adventurer for a few more gold. And they will miss him when he's gone and they're living it up on his insurance payout.


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